There’s starting to be a bit of a flurry here in Sweden with the upcoming new Regulation.

One of the communications I received last week was concerning the fact that here in Sweden our personal data, including our ID is considered public information. This will not be the case once the Regulation comes into effect. What I find funny (you know the funny, not-so-funny British humour ;-)) is that those I talk to here think this is new in the Regulation, but it’s not. It is included in the Directive of today, just not implemented as law here in Sweden.

This is going to require significant work to get compliance in Sweden, especially the way our personal data is sold with the use of ‘utgivningsbevis’ without the consent of the data subject. In fact it is impossible for data subjects in Sweden to remove their personal data from public viewing!

Hurry up new Regulation so I can get my personal data removed from, and… just to name a few!

I am being continually amazed by the lack of respect there is here in Sweden for personal data. I have written so much on this subject already. However I came across this article a couple of weeks ago concerning Ratsit (who are one of those companies that have an ‘utgivningsbevis’ which means they can use our personal data and make it public to make money). Well they have been so kind as to remove from their search results names of vulnerable women living in shelters, and other categories of individuals that should be protected!

Thank you for being so considerate Ratsit…… now would you be so kind as to remove my name too…..

There is only one place to find true randomness and that is in the use of the quantum uncertainty principle. Check out Crypta Labs that I came across at InfoSec Europe, who were incidentally the only booth using Quantum in their security, and they are using it for random number generation.

Here is the article from the Register. Well I’m tempted to set-up a lobby to lobby the lobbyists…

1130702.largethumbA really great post on Panopticon legal blog (again :-))

Apparently Optical Express (OE) has been sending SMS messages to individuals who had not opted-in to this service. In fact 4,600 registered concern on OEs marketing practices. It’s pretty interesting as OE seems to be blind to the fact that they have not received explicit consent, they claim that it was sufficient that Thomas Cook, who stated that personal data would be shared, with whom, or how much, etc., is not made clear in the statement.

I have to make a quote from the post, as the author seems to be a lawyer with a sense of humour…

“OE appears not to have seen any problem with texting people who had never previously dealt with it, believing they had sufficient consent. Whether their laser eye surgery offers would have assisted this possible case of Nelsonian blindness is unclear.”

Read post on Panopticon blog

IMG_1824I was at a security social gathering on Thursday last week. They are happening now quarterly and organised by Copperberg. During a couple of hours I was thrown into deep discussions on network security at the hardware level seems a logical product in the cloud (check out SolarFlare), next was diodes in nuclear power plants, finally secure e-mail which is not quite as boring as it sounds. In fact quite the inverse!

SecureMailbox is able to create very simply a secure communication between you and another person, e.g. your doctor, and it’s made in Sweden. You don’t even need to create a special email address. Before I start sounding like some boring free marketing for this product check it out at the link above.

I got some energy from these 2 hours  and my brain received some food for thought. I am rather looking forward for next time…. hope to see you there too (FB link), if you are i Stockholm ;-)

Listen to Jennifer’s concerns on privacy and freedom of speech in 20 years time.


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