How insightful of UC to offer protection from id theft!  
If it was not for the fact that they shared our personal data to all companies that happen to sell it to make money (e.g.,, rats with the help of the ‘utgivningsbevis’ this service will not be so critical here in Sweden. 

The new Regulation will make these services that make money from our identity illegal, thank goodness. Although it will take a couple of years to be in effective. 

To read more on utgivningsbevis here in Sweden on this blog search on ‘PUL’. 

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Privacy Champions are key to a successful Privacy Program!

If not then you should!

You know that one of the most effective methods to achieve compliance is to get internal buy-in, and with the EU Data Protection Regulation peaking its pretty head around the corner it’s time to get your organisation ready.


There are ways to start that is inexpensive and flexible with the use of Privacy Champions. Get them trained in privacy, they will love it!

Privasee, a start-up (I am founder/CEO), has created a simple 10-hour privacy on-boarding training using an online gamification platform, so it’s actually very social and rather fun. And I’m sitting at the back-end with Privasee’s very own legal geek girl to help!

LogisticsThe next course (Privacy & Data Protection – Introduction) starts on 1 December and learners have 1 month to complete 10 hours of study. Each learner earns a ‘Privacy EAGLE’ badge on successful completion (using Mozilla’s OpenBadge backpack).

Cost of the course is €220. More information & flyer can be found here.

A fascinating interview with Snowden by Swedish DagensNyheter hot-of-the-press today!

640_laceyI’ve had the privilege to spend the last couple of days with David Lacey here in Stockholm, who holds the keys to the origins of the ISO27k standard and the Jericho Forum, just to mention a couple.

There have been 4 articles from 2013 written by TripWire (News, Trends, Insights) Newsletter, in which David describes the history. I don’t think they have been distributed as widely as they should have done. So I am going to do my bit here.

I’m going to be there on 3rd November the whole day! Are you?

Find the agenda here. It is going to be an interesting day!

This is old news, but sometimes we need to be reminded that even in countries such as Sweden (and Denmark) there have been examples recording the life of children during 15 years without them knowing. There was a bit uproar when it came out in 1986 that 15000 children born in 1953 were tracked…

Listen to the P3 documentary (Swedish) if you missed this, or just are interested to know more about the motivation behind this study.

Read the report here in English.

It is rare that I post anything from my personal life in my blog, however this I have to share. During several weeks I’ve been thinking about the difference that a person very special in my life has made for the lives of a number of Syrians that have come to my new home land, Sweden to live.

Solbacka (Stjärnhov) is a conference facility that has laid empty without a purpose for around 3-4 years. My husband Leslie Öqvist, is one of the hidden heros behind the scenes that made it possible to enable Solback to become a temporary home for these brave individuals in the middle of Swedish paradise… until they can be found permanent homes.

He has worked for more than a year to make this possible before the Syrian crisis happened, to house refugees from other countries temporarily such as Afghanistan where he spent 7 years of his life working for the UN/FN in peace operations. It was quite opportune that there are people making this happen, Sweden’s unsung heros, and my husband is one…

See more here on the life of the refugees at Solbacka. It is heart-warming to see children on cycles and families so relieved to be safe.


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