On a crucial importance of TOMs under GDPR Article 32

DPA of Baden-Württemberg (Germany) fined a health insurance company 1'240'000 EUR for insufficient implementation of TOMs resulted in personal data of app. 500 individuals being accidentally processed for advertising purposes without due consent.  The fine is quite high, especially given that there have been some mitigating factors in this case: not too many data subjects … Continue reading On a crucial importance of TOMs under GDPR Article 32

Choice:Why should we care?

At DrZero Show, I interviewed Karen Lawrence Öqvist on choice and data. She had very interesting perspective to address legal and open data related issues by relating to "choice" https://www.youtube.com/embed/j_3LxtdqxAs

At the Nexus of Privacy and Antitrust

The IAPP Privacy Advisor published an excellent article on 23 June entitled "The thin line between privacy and antitrust." In particular, the three scenarios presented by the authors are concise introductions to the important ways that privacy issues may arise in antitrust matters / investigations. And how the areas of privacy and antitrust are more … Continue reading At the Nexus of Privacy and Antitrust

My TikTok – My Observations

Well apart from the fact that my 10 year old daughter has been an avid user of TikTok for 2 years, my interest would be nonetheless sparked by the torrent of privacy issues which have been popping up left, right and centre. I thought it could be good to give you an idea of what … Continue reading My TikTok – My Observations

Contract Negotiation Best Practices

If you are interested in contract negotiation best practices, check out my discussion in the latest installment of NCURA YouTube Tuesday (National Council of University Research Administrators). Not exactly concerned with privacy per se, but I would consider the topic to be within the larger universe of privacy issues. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XY33603mlPk

The ethics of privacy

Privacy is a fundamental human right recognized in the UN Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and in many other international and regional treaties. Privacy underpins human dignity and other key values such as freedom of association and freedom of speech. It has become one of the most important … Continue reading The ethics of privacy

Tiktok moves under control of Irish DPC

From 29 July 2020 onwards, Tiktok Ireland will control the data of all users in the EEA and Switzerland. Nothing specific, just another smart move of a non-EEA company (parental company Tiktok Inc incorporated in the US) in an attempt to use one-stop-shop mechanism via its EEA subsidiaries. Except for one thing. The recent French … Continue reading Tiktok moves under control of Irish DPC

The ex-employee & data subject rights

This is an interesting case, and not only for the reasons mentioned in the press. It doesn't give us much to work with but... What strikes me, which is often overlooked by organisations are that employees and ex-employees -as is the case here- have rights under GDPR. Every employee is a data subject.... although of … Continue reading The ex-employee & data subject rights

Listen in to the Pub Chat with Ralph O’Brien

Grab a cup of coffee... or maybe a beer is more appropriate.. after all it is a pub chat 🙂 Ralph is a unique, super interesting privacy guy which you will enjoy spending some time with! https://www.youtube.com/embed/UwfiwGF6vJo

What is a ‘cookie wall’?

Given the recent Post by Konstantin I thought it made sense to write a brief Post on what a cookie wall actually is... after all it really is not obvious, or is it? Just in case it is not here we go. A cookie wall makes it impossible for visitors to browse a website without … Continue reading What is a ‘cookie wall’?