An open letter to the CJEU from L

Read a view of the Schrems' decisions from the other side of the great pond, in the U.S. I found this to be an informative, serious but fun read through the spectacles of Lydia F de la Torre, EU & US Counsel (Spain/California) and a lecturer of Privacy Law at Santa Clara University School of … Continue reading An open letter to the CJEU from L

In the Privacy Shield storm -practical advice

I am and still attending a great session hosted by the IAPP on the Schrems II decision and Privacy Shield consequence, i.e. it is no longer a legal mechanism for data transfer from the EU to the US. Miriam Wegmeister was a great panelist and gave some great insights, very practical and cool lady! Practical … Continue reading In the Privacy Shield storm -practical advice

Yes, I’m angry about the Schrems II decision!

Why the hell should a devote privacy and GDPR advocate be angry about this decision, after all it's good for privacy is it not? Yes decision is correct, but also no. Clearly Facebook is a scapegoat, twice now with Schrems I and II. But now we are in limbo again! The fact is that even … Continue reading Yes, I’m angry about the Schrems II decision!

What went wrong? Foodora hacked!

Half a million customer data was stolen by hackers is being reported by Swedish newspapers. Foodora a Swedish concern is owned by a German business, Delivery Hero. As one can guess by the combination of both names: 1) its about food, and 2) yes, customers book online from whichever is their favourite restaurant and get … Continue reading What went wrong? Foodora hacked!

My TikTok – My Observations

Well apart from the fact that my 10 year old daughter has been an avid user of TikTok for 2 years, my interest would be nonetheless sparked by the torrent of privacy issues which have been popping up left, right and centre. I thought it could be good to give you an idea of what … Continue reading My TikTok – My Observations

The ex-employee & data subject rights

This is an interesting case, and not only for the reasons mentioned in the press. It doesn't give us much to work with but... What strikes me, which is often overlooked by organisations are that employees and ex-employees -as is the case here- have rights under GDPR. Every employee is a data subject.... although of … Continue reading The ex-employee & data subject rights

Listen in to the Pub Chat with Ralph O’Brien

Grab a cup of coffee... or maybe a beer is more appropriate.. after all it is a pub chat 🙂 Ralph is a unique, super interesting privacy guy which you will enjoy spending some time with!

What is a ‘cookie wall’?

Given the recent Post by Konstantin I thought it made sense to write a brief Post on what a cookie wall actually is... after all it really is not obvious, or is it? Just in case it is not here we go. A cookie wall makes it impossible for visitors to browse a website without … Continue reading What is a ‘cookie wall’?

MDM and Article 6

I am sure you are not using consent for the legal basis of mobile device management (MDM) used across your organisation? If you are check out this article.

Finnish business fined for tracking employees

In Finland one of the first fines handed out to a water supply management company which used location data in the vehicles used by employees which is considered systematic monitoring. A DPIA should be conducted. Taken from DLA Piper blogFollowed from a complaint made by an individual. Kymen Vesi processed location data of its employees … Continue reading Finnish business fined for tracking employees