Out of the Box

Sleepy head, wake up!
The sky is red,
The day is new,
Embrace, and
Put on those running shoes!

Yes, and its very special this year because I was born this time over 50 years ago! I am finally grown-up 😀

I will post more later, but it’s been a pretty busy month. I am growing s new business first-off. I have been knocked over with a virus beginning of June… it probably didn’t help that I was cycling in storms just before and sat in wet cycling clothes a couple of hours. I’m not 20 anymore!

Anyhow I was meant to do Tjejvattern (a ladies 100km cycling race in Sweden) but I never made it as I was still very weak. Next year I will be more smart in my training. After all when I was training this time around I was still not 50, but now I am grown-up and wiser 😉

I had a great birthday party in an old fortress. Luckily I was well enough to get up on my 2 pegs with help from some ibuprofen and a glass or two of champagne 😛

There’s been an awful lot of interesting stuff going on recently in the security arena that I’ve been dying to post on, the Snowdon leak for example. I will get onto that during this weekend.

Finding something common in everything living. By doing this we solve many problems in complex systems. Security is comprised of complex systems and this is why often whatever we do to control, it does not work!

OMG Santa Claus has been breached, go here to read more on this terrible news! Thanks to David Misell for bringing this to my attention 🙂

I love this quote that I picked out of SvD today.

“Jag behöver inte vara nedkopplad för att vara avkopplad, snarare föredrar jag faktiskt at vara uppkopplad.”

In English, you lose the funny aspect of this quote in translation unfortunately.

Yes.. about five years ago I moved to an island that has no bridge connection, so you have to take a boat to get there.. five years ago this was considered to be quite impractical, although I did not see it this way as I work remotely quite a lot, we have broadband on the island and also it is only an hour travel to get into the centre of the city.

Seems that the idea is catching on, just this year at least three of my work colleagues are moving from out of the city into the country, one is moving into the mountains and another 7-8 hours by car up north back to her roots. The question that has driven them is why live in the city when we can work wherever we like!

Broadband is changing the demographics, along with changing expectations on work/life quality. And imagine if the dispersed family unit were to start being closer, not just virtually, but physically too again? No need to move to the work, the work can work where you live.

The wonders of technology 🙂

Occasionally I am writing a post that is more personal than professional, and today is one of those days. Over the weekend a member of my new family, that is the amazing Swedish family that I married into some years ago left us at the beautiful age of 84 (or something near ;-)). I say beautiful, because in the short time I knew Rune, he gave me hope and aspirations for the future. He was full of energy and interest in everything in life. When he talked about the past, it was with passion, always funny things never anything negative. He walked 1-2 hours every day, or he roller-bladed or skied when up in the Swedish mountains, and it is these times I remember best!

I remember the many times on the ski lift that we were often together, and how he used to talk about everything, he was so full of life! We used to race each other on the ski slopes… for a Brit I’m not so bad … however I remember one time when we were skiing down the slopes hot on the heels of my viking husband (who is wicked on skies), when I lost Rune, he took another route and I continued on the track of this red hed man, when, it felt like slowly, I understood why Rune had taken another track as I hit a jump and was flying in the air, skis still attached to my feet.

You know its amazing how time can change its character when the situation is so. I must have been up in the air just seconds, but I had time to think about lots… like: umm that was stupid, looks hard down there, oh it is going to hurt when I land…… Well it was stupid, it was hard and it did hurt… however what is so funny is that for some reason I have these thoughts linked to Rune, because he wasn’t there with me at that moment in time because he knew what was coming.

Smart man. I will miss Rune. He was a man that only remembered those things that gave him positive energy in his life.. and he shared with those around him. He, the same as any of us had less good things that happened to him, but he never talked about it, they weren’t important. For Rune, life was one amazing journey!

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