looking guilty at the airport?

I missed a flight with a baby in tow just end of July, and wondering how well I would have passed this test after having no choice but to wait in Stansted airport the whole day before I was allowed to check in ;-(

Naked protests at Berlin airport

I must take my hat of to the German's and their protest the use of the so-called “nacktscanner” (naked scanners). Members of the Pirate Party stripped down to their skivvies last Sunday and converged on the Berlin-Tegal airport. They posted a video of their protest to YouTube, with soundtrack provided by Muse’s song “Uprising.” The … Continue reading Naked protests at Berlin airport

Privacy International’s stance on body scanners at airports

Following a previous post on the use of body scans at airports, I have come across the PI statement on proposed deployments of these body scanners in airports. This is taken from their website.... PI feels that the technology raises a number of troubling issues: First, the scanners produce strikingly graphic images of passengers’ bodies. … Continue reading Privacy International’s stance on body scanners at airports