More on the BOYI hack

There has been more written on this hack by David Kearn (a known propeller-head in identity management) in his blog Virtual Quill. Read what he has to say if you are interested.

Hacked! BOYI and Risks

Bring Your Own Identity (BYOI) is on the band-wagen with BOYD (Bring Your Own Device). Wired journalist relays a sobering story of how his digital identity got stolen through trusting third-party identity providers. Basically Hackers were able to swipe his mac, iPhone and hack into his twitter account to send twitters that were damaging to … Continue reading Hacked! BOYI and Risks

More on Snowden

There has been another Guardian exclusive - online access to Snowden Q&A that is worth a look if you're just a little intrigued by all the excitement. Make yourself a cup of coffee first though 😉 What seems to be clear is that when Snowden says NSA has direct access to the 9 main Internet … Continue reading More on Snowden


Yes so in whatever form PRISM does exist. I talked about it... well more rolled over this in previous posts. Now everything that you may want to know about PRISM to date, that is by 12 June can be found here. Now there are two parts here, or maybe three. 1) collection of communications that … Continue reading MSIPR, SIPRM, PIRMS, IPMSR? No it’s PRISM!

Dilemmas concerning privacy

There's a really fun article written by Daniel Sandström in the Svd Culture section (16 June). SvD is one of the two main Swedish national newspapers. It is in main about the dilemmas we face as 1) a citizen and, 2) consumer. It is about how our selfish choices made in the guise of (2) … Continue reading Dilemmas concerning privacy

Inspiration for the mobile workforce today, for the future

This is where I see the future in mobile computing. Apple's iPad that accommodates the mobile workforce, and the apps application that makes it easy to download company approved apps onto your device, and this combined with the Google Chrome approach, everything Internet-based in that cloud. Take a look at Wired article by Steven Levy … Continue reading Inspiration for the mobile workforce today, for the future