Employer fined for employee fingerprints

Why I love this case is that it really emphasises on the use of consent in the employer/employee relationship.

Tracking kids in schools

Seems the school sector has gotten cold feet on the use of tracking technologies in schools. Since the decision by the Swedish SA on the use of facial recognition biometrics, other schools are following suit. A right to feel safe vs. a right to a private life - both human rights The question is that … Continue reading Tracking kids in schools

Fine SEK200k on use of facial recognition in Swedish school

Finally some action in Sweden! The ruling is in Swedish, but to summarise the school was using facial recognition on its students. Facial recognition is biometric data, hence sensitive (special categories of data in the GDPR). They used consent as the legal basis but this was considered as unlawful due to the imbalance of relationship … Continue reading Fine SEK200k on use of facial recognition in Swedish school

smile we want to sell you something …

The science fiction of the future is getting closer. You walk by a store and the large digital screen advertising products presents goods to you that are tailored to your age using facial recognition technology. This is here today, both Adidas and Kraft have plans for this type of digital ads. Read more at Forbes … Continue reading smile we want to sell you something …

India working for the poor

Largest biometric database being created in India with over 1.2 billion identities. Scary and a serious concern outside of the personal privacy aspect is the security of this database. From a positive standpoint and driving argument is that is provides the means to overcome the significant levels of corruption in India. Particularly for those living … Continue reading India working for the poor

Nothing to hide – CCTV in school toilets!

An excellent article on the use of CCTV, biometrics, databases, etc., in schools in the UK. Can you imagine that on the uncertainly of whether CCTV should be permissible in toilets, Sayner (managing director of Proxis, a security installation company) reasons that “it depends exactly on what it is looking at,” adding that “If you’ve … Continue reading Nothing to hide – CCTV in school toilets!

Cancer drug erases fingerprints

According to a report on BBC-news. Another reason against the use of biometrics in passports. If exceptions need to be made for those that cannot authenticate the the security systems becomes flawed.