Don’t use gmail

In fact I wouldn't use any email provider outside of the EU if you an EU resident. A recent court case concludes that you cannot expect privacy when using a third party to manage your email, i.e. it is likened to having an assistant who may open your mail for you.

Cloud SLAs – what is important?

I've been digging around a little to define what is different with Cloud SLAs over a normal outsourced account, and there is quite some controversy. Lydia Leong, a Gartner blogger claims that the type of cloud SLAs used by AWS (Amazon Web Services) and HP Cloud Services are quite useless in helping cloud users (tenants) … Continue reading Cloud SLAs – what is important?

Patriots in the Cloud

More post on the danger of the PATRIOT Act when it comes to the storing of personal data in the cloud in the U.S. by David Lacey. In August I posted something more on this. It is not just your data being stored in a U.S. cloud that can be accessed by such law as … Continue reading Patriots in the Cloud

Bedtime reading

...from HP Enterprise Security 🙂 Contents: Joining the dots between the cloud, consumerization, cyber and collaboration (4Cs) The rise of cyber attacks Security benchmarking Have fun!

Cloud and conflicting privacy laws

One of the biggest dilemmas with cloud services is that in theory it shouldn't matter where your data is stored in the public cloud, just that it is secured appropriately, and only you get appropriate access and nobody else gets inappropriate access 😉 But it's much more complicated. Every country has its own laws about … Continue reading Cloud and conflicting privacy laws

And where is your personal data in the cloud?

I've been working an awful lot on security and privacy in the cloud lately, surprise surprise ;-), and the thing that is really an interesting problem when it comes to the privacy of data being held, is precisely where the data is physically? This presents some challenges, for example not many countries outside of the … Continue reading And where is your personal data in the cloud?