What is a ‘cookie wall’?

Given the recent Post by Konstantin I thought it made sense to write a brief Post on what a cookie wall actually is... after all it really is not obvious, or is it? Just in case it is not here we go. A cookie wall makes it impossible for visitors to browse a website without … Continue reading What is a ‘cookie wall’?

An interesting twist in the ‘cookie walls’ saga.

France's Council of State has ordered the CNIL (French data protection watchdog) to cancel parts of its guidelines on cookies as the ban on cookies walls was not valid. The court explained that the CNIL exceeded its specific mandate under an act called "flexible law" which refers to instruments, such as regulatory authorities' guidelines, which … Continue reading An interesting twist in the ‘cookie walls’ saga.

Cookie walls are not GDPR compliant

This clarification on the use of consent came out last week, and provides no surprises for those working daily with GDPR compliance. What is noteworthy though is the mention on the use of "cookie walls". What is a cookie wall then? One of the principle factors that one should keep returning to when thinking about … Continue reading Cookie walls are not GDPR compliant

opt-in > opt-out discussions continue….

I just love this quote from Kimon Zorbas, the vice president of the Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe "most Europeans were not troubled by behavioural advertising" and "Customer profiling is a basic to any business, not just online business" then in response to the opt-in clause in the EU cookie directive "if that were to happen, … Continue reading opt-in > opt-out discussions continue….

Yes! Consent before you eat your cookies :-)

Stricter legal guidelines in the EU means cookie providers need to ask your permission before handing out cookies. Clearly US not so happy about this 🙂 Read more here http://content.usatoday.com/communities/technologylive/post/2011/09/europe-taking-much-stricter-stance-on-do-not-track-rules/1.

Zoombie cookies

David S. Misell asked me to share the privacy issues of html5, and I thought that no better place to do this than by creating a post. Html5 is really about these zoombie cookies, cookies that keep coming back from the dead, even after you've deleted them.... scarey or what? According to Wikipedia "Zombie cookies … Continue reading Zoombie cookies

Don’t miss the cookie deadline :-P

The deadline for EU member states to implement the new cookie law is today! And not many member states are ready to eat their cookies yet! To date, Denmark and Estonia are the only states to have implemented the amended EU Privacy and Communications Directive, which gives Internet users more control of their data and … Continue reading Don’t miss the cookie deadline 😛

Yes please I would like a cookie :-P

I've been posting about this before, the thing on "cookie consent" in the new EU privacy law. Well now there have been some guidelines published by the Information Commissioner's Office. Simply advice is as follows: We advise you to now take the following steps: 1. Check what type of cookies and similar technologies you use … Continue reading Yes please I would like a cookie 😛

Would you like a cookie?

Nice development in Holland! Bill proposal that basically states a need to request permission before downloading a cookie on you machine their is more to, read more here https://zoek.officielebekendmakingen.nl/kst-32549-3.pdf. This is basically what the revised EU directive on data privacy demands.

EU cookie directive – before and after

I found a nice analysis of how the EU directive on data privacy has changed with reference to the loading of cookies on a user's PC. Check this post out by Raul Mendez, it is nicely described.