The Expert’s Number for Security Risk Assessments

You know I just love this article, and often refer to it when I'm speaking. However I couldn't remember who had written it, the title, or when. Well mystery is over, whilst cleaning out my hard-disk, I found it. It was published in 2008, have fun reading 🙂 The Experts Number for Security Risk Assessments

Insightful book review from RHUL ISG

I came across the most insightful review so far done on my book from Professor Keith Martin of the Royal Holloway University of London, the Information Security Group.

More on CERN

Whilst I was googling for Mike, don't you do that sometime, google people 😉 Well I came across this rather interesting document written by Ben Segal "A Short History of Internet Protocols at CERN". This is everything that happened before Tim Berners Lee and the WWW at CERN 🙂

David Lacey likes my book!

The book launch that happened yesterday went very well. It was a great pleasure to find David Lacey there who has made a very nice posting on his blog concerning my book in has also just published a book (Managing the Human Factor in Information Security)that is extremely relevant in a changed society that … Continue reading David Lacey likes my book!

Report on Data breaches in the UK

In the wake of massive data breaches at businesses, educational institutions and medical facilities, consumers are modifying their purchasing behaviour, including online buying, out of concern for the security of their personal information, according to the 2007 Consumer Survey on Data Security.The survey from Vontu, a Data Loss Prevention solutions firm, and the Ponemon Institute, … Continue reading Report on Data breaches in the UK

White Paper published for Privacy and Identity Management

Ralf Bendrath had this linked into his blog. Should have come across this before myself! The PRIME consortium is an EU funded project looking into identity and privacy.The Privacy and Identity Management for Europe (PRIME) consortium has published a new White Paper that is recommended reading for everyone working on ID management.

Cyberwar and Information war

Bruce Schneier gives a good definition on what is cyberwar -in his opinion- and information war. As he right states, they are not the same. This is not the focus of what he has written, so hang in there until you get to the end. It is worth reading. I am not completely in agreement … Continue reading Cyberwar and Information war

Common sense security tactics…..

Some very good advice from Bruce Schneier! Read this even if you are not technical. There is some original thoughts for all of us.

A Day in the Life of an Information Security Investigator

I added a very cool and informative newsfeed to my blog. Take a look, it is sitting just above Schneier's newsfeed on the right of this page.