Five hours with Edward Snowden

A fascinating interview with Snowden by Swedish DagensNyheter hot-of-the-press today!

Yes PRISM and Big Brother is “lawful” according to certain authorities….

Great read from Panopticon blog... they provide essential legal insights into issues pertaining to personal privacy. Read about what they have to say here.

Lavabit forced to close down

Thanks to David Misell for sharing this on LinkedIn. Lavabit the email provider in the US that Edward Snowden used has been forced to close down following FBI demands for the private keys for emails of users. The U.S. Government obtained a secret court order demanding private SSL key from Lavabit, which would have allowed … Continue reading Lavabit forced to close down

The latest on Snowden

Well whether you believe him to be a traitor or a whistleblower, seems that Snowden was granted asylum by Russia. He is traveling around the country, fascinated by the history, and is managing this without being recognized. He has received many job offers. So who knows what is in store for him. Read more at … Continue reading The latest on Snowden

This is an outrage !

Seems that the email service that Edward Snowden recommended as actually protecting your privacy in the US is being forced to share all data and subsequently shut down! The owner and operator of the service, Ladar Levison, has been gagged. Reading between the lines, it looks like he will move his services outside of the … Continue reading This is an outrage !