H&M have invaded employee privacy

So hot of the press is that H&M (a Swedish business), although the fine of €41,4m was due to practices in one of their German outlets which were not compliant with GDPR. Clearly as an employer it is difficult to avoid the collection of sensitive data from employees, i.e. when they are sick, just the … Continue reading H&M have invaded employee privacy

PwC vs. employee privacy

PwC developed a facial recognition tool that logs when employees are absent from their computer screens while they work from home. In particular, there have to be a specific excuse for any absence (including toilet breaks). Too invasive? No doubt. Disproportionate with no likely legal grounds? WP29 Opinion 2/2017 on data processing at work suggests … Continue reading PwC vs. employee privacy

Finnish business fined for tracking employees

In Finland one of the first fines handed out to a water supply management company which used location data in the vehicles used by employees which is considered systematic monitoring. A DPIA should be conducted. Taken from DLA Piper blogFollowed from a complaint made by an individual. Kymen Vesi processed location data of its employees … Continue reading Finnish business fined for tracking employees

Occupational doctor is controller when you test your employees for coronavirus

At least this is the latest position in Italy, which is rather interesting, and provides some lead in controlling this pandemic in the workplace, reducing the risk on rights and freedoms of employees. The relevant paragraph from the article worth reading and I am referring to is quoted below. The Italian data protection authority held … Continue reading Occupational doctor is controller when you test your employees for coronavirus

Is it proportionate to track your employees?

I have never worked in a call-centre, having sat at Level 2-3 IT support in my younger days, but I've worked very closely with first-line support and felt the pressure that they are under. Their challenge is process as many calls as possible in shortest time, yet maintain quality. This means that the driver to … Continue reading Is it proportionate to track your employees?

privacy of personal e-mails accessed at work enforced in U.S. court

This is an interesting development in the U.S. on the rights of the employee to not have their emails read by their employer when the email account is private although accessed using a company PC.

Sex text prompts ruling on privacy – USA

WASHINGTON: The US Supreme Court is to rule on whether employees have a right to privacy when they send text messages on electronic devices supplied by their emloyers.  http://www.smh.com.au/technology/enterprise/sex-text-prompts-ruling-on-privacy-20091215-kuoo.html

Covert surveillance of Deusche Bahn’s workers

Really interesting case on workplace surveillance in Germany. Deustch Bahn (railway operator) has been conducting covert surveillance operations without the consent of their employees. It involved covert surveillance operations that were given exotic code names such as "Babylon", "Traviata" or "Prometheus" as well as a private detective agency. Deutsche Bahn has submitted a 37-page report … Continue reading Covert surveillance of Deusche Bahn’s workers