RHUL ISG Alumni Reunion Conference next month!

I'll be there, not every day as I will be with my daughter. However I will be speaking on the Wednesday "Identity, Reputation & Privacy in the Organisational Context" 🙂 Looking forward to it and can't wait to meet other alumni. The 3 day programme is here.

Online resource for parents, educators and kids

Did you know that it is Data Privacy Day 2010 tomorrow? Jack made a posting on this earlier this month .. Check it out as there is a really nice online resource there for parents and children online, loads of advice and a bundle of links.

Data Privacy Day 2010 is just around the corner

Data Privacy Day 2010 is occurring on January 28th. Data Privacy Day is an annual international celebration to raise awareness and generate discussion about information privacy. In 2009, both the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives recognized January 28th as National Data Privacy Day. Over the past few years, privacy professionals, corporations, government officials and … Continue reading Data Privacy Day 2010 is just around the corner

David Lacey likes my book!

The book launch that happened yesterday went very well. It was a great pleasure to find David Lacey there who has made a very nice posting on his blog concerning my book in ComputerWeekly.com.David has also just published a book (Managing the Human Factor in Information Security)that is extremely relevant in a changed society that … Continue reading David Lacey likes my book!

RHUL ISG Alumni Reunion 2008

This week I was at a reunion held at the Royal Holloway University of London (RHUL) for the Information Security Group, and it was so cool! I met a whole load of security professionals over and above those that I had already had the pleasure of studying alongside with on the distance learning programme. I … Continue reading RHUL ISG Alumni Reunion 2008

Lost texture and co modification

Just over a week ago I attended the LSE conference on the 'social and organizational consequences of information growth and the Internet'. Last year it was on identity. Both years have been excellent. I particularly enjoyed listening to Albert Borgman who spoke about the impacts on our society. For example 200 years ago two-thirds of … Continue reading Lost texture and co modification

Bruce at INFOSec Europe

I was lucky enough to listen to Bruce Schneier speaking at INFOSec Europe on Wednesday last week. He spoke about the mismatch between 'security' and 'feelings'. In that often how we feel does not equate to the reality. For example at the airports they remove liquids during the security check, it makes us feel more … Continue reading Bruce at INFOSec Europe

PRIME and Karlstad university

I have a speaking engagement at Karlstad university tomorrow. Should be interesting especially as it is linked to the PRIME EU funded project. PRIME is about building a privacy infrastructure that enables us to have some level of anonymity in our transactions. Well it is much more than this. Anyhow it is about giving you … Continue reading PRIME and Karlstad university

Graduation at RHUL!

Hi, well at last, myself and some of my class-mates that passed a Masters Degree in Information Security last year with the Royal Holloway University of London had our graduation ceremony. It was a very special occasion. The champagne was flowing......we have some nice pictures...check the commentsCongrats to my class-mates, it's been a pleasure studying … Continue reading Graduation at RHUL!

IAAC speaking engagement 11 July

Hi, here is another speaking event for the Information Assurance Advisory Council. If any of my blog readers are there, look forward to seeing you!