To publish pictures of your kids can become illegal in Sweden

More on kids, and Sweden is ahead of the trend as is normal on children's rights. There is a new law (barnkonventionen svensk lag) being discussed which looks as though it will be effective in 2020 which basically means that parents are not permitted to post pictures of their children online without their permission. This … Continue reading To publish pictures of your kids can become illegal in Sweden

Today I committed FaceBook suicide! – Part 2

A followup to my post of 21 May where I discussed not only the FB suicide, but how I did it. The question is: How am I coping since committing FB suicide? The question popped up when I had some time today to check my LinkedIn feed. It was Shared from Wired (I’m Quitting Social Media to Learn … Continue reading Today I committed FaceBook suicide! – Part 2

Today I committed FaceBook suicide!

I have been contemplating Facebook suicide for quite some time now, since 2014. This blog post gives a step-by-step description of how I did this (with links) in case you want to do the same. I hope you find this useful... Reason for this action - were primarily motivated by the feeling that my concerns for privacy … Continue reading Today I committed FaceBook suicide!

Is Facebook fundamentally EVIL?

This is as claimed by Johan Staël von Holstein. Do you believe that everything you are digitally, and do online should belong to you? This includes your "digital identity" and all data/information you create online associated with your identity? I placed "digital identity" in quotes because today it is not your digital identity, it is … Continue reading Is Facebook fundamentally EVIL?

Facebook hacker paid through crowd sourcing

I think it's a great initiative this Bug Bounty Program. Apparently quite a few companies are doing this, i.e. payment to white hat hackers, who report a security flaw. Facebook has this initiative. However when a researcher and white hat hacker (Khalil from Pakistan) reported a flaw to the FB security team, they responded saying … Continue reading Facebook hacker paid through crowd sourcing

More on Snowden

There has been another Guardian exclusive - online access to Snowden Q&A that is worth a look if you're just a little intrigued by all the excitement. Make yourself a cup of coffee first though 😉 What seems to be clear is that when Snowden says NSA has direct access to the 9 main Internet … Continue reading More on Snowden

Make a difference!

Another way the citizen can make a difference. Similar to the New Web post I made earlier today, but in the form of world causes. It's called Go Petition on Facebook. So go and sign-up against your favourite cause. Make a difference!


Yes so in whatever form PRISM does exist. I talked about it... well more rolled over this in previous posts. Now everything that you may want to know about PRISM to date, that is by 12 June can be found here. Now there are two parts here, or maybe three. 1) collection of communications that … Continue reading MSIPR, SIPRM, PIRMS, IPMSR? No it’s PRISM!

Dilemmas concerning privacy

There's a really fun article written by Daniel Sandström in the Svd Culture section (16 June). SvD is one of the two main Swedish national newspapers. It is in main about the dilemmas we face as 1) a citizen and, 2) consumer. It is about how our selfish choices made in the guise of (2) … Continue reading Dilemmas concerning privacy