More on wire-tapping worldwide!

I thought given the wire-tapping excitement going on now, that I'd post some of the practices going on world-wide that maybe you are not aware of, all excepts from Virtual Shadows (2009), so there could be some updates since, I haven't checked. If there are updates it will surely include social media as per USA … Continue reading More on wire-tapping worldwide!

So who’s paying for Sweden’s FRA-lagen, avlyssning?

The answer to who will end up paying for this law is simple, the Swedish consumer. The FRA is going to visit the government to ask them to make the ISPs take the charge, and then the cost is passed onto the broadband subscriber.So this means that every online Swede will be paying to be … Continue reading So who’s paying for Sweden’s FRA-lagen, avlyssning?

Sweden approves wiretapping laws, more

You know there has been an awful lot of press going on here in Sweden following parliament's approval of the controversial law on wire-tapping. Effectively the FRA-law makes Sweden the most surveyed country in western Europe. This wiretapping law enables the intelligence authorities here to 'listen' on all traffic -Hotmail, msn, sms, etc., across Sweden's … Continue reading Sweden approves wiretapping laws, more

Sweden approves wiretapping laws

This development I have been watching with interest for some time, and they finally did it Sweden's parliament has approved controversial new laws allowing authorities to spy on cross-border e-mail and telephone traffic. An interesting development in Sweden of all places. Read more....