Let’s talk about merino.se too…..

Following up my previous posts on identity theft/fraud is should give more credit to merinfo.se....... Merinfo.se is probably one of the best websites for finding an all-round picture of an individual. In here you will find their first 6 digits of their personal number which is their date-of-birth...but what's new? Also where they live, same … Continue reading Let’s talk about merino.se too…..

Surprise! 10 more years of PII exposure in Sweden….

It seems that many of the utgivningsbevis that were granted in 2004 are due to expire this year in 2014, and in 2014 it is still legal in Sweden for those holding this exemption certificate can share your personal information, if you are a Swedish resident, or/and Swedish citizen....here is information on this. So how many … Continue reading Surprise! 10 more years of PII exposure in Sweden….

How much do you earn?

I want to know how much you earn because you are applying for a job with my company and I want to check what your present employer thinks you are worth. This is easy to do in Sweden, and you as the data subject have no idea that this has happened. It is possible for any … Continue reading How much do you earn?

Where is your id…..your Swedish identity?

64 thousand Swedish identities were hijacked in 2013. Population of Sweden is today around 9,5 million. This means that the crime of identity fraud impacted around 0,8 percent of the Swedish population. "So what, that's nothing?" You are thinking.... Nevertheless this is almost 1 in a 100 of Swedish residents who have been a victim … Continue reading Where is your id…..your Swedish identity?