Where is your id…..your Swedish identity?

64 thousand Swedish identities were hijacked in 2013. Population of Sweden is today around 9,5 million. This means that the crime of identity fraud impacted around 0,8 percent of the Swedish population. "So what, that's nothing?" You are thinking.... Nevertheless this is almost 1 in a 100 of Swedish residents who have been a victim … Continue reading Where is your id…..your Swedish identity?

Kapade Spotify-grundarens identitet

I am amazed at how little publicity there was on Daniel Eks, founder of Spotify that had his identity stolen. The identity fraudster purchased goods of nearly 1 million kronor in his name and has now been indicted to 2 years in prison. A small price to pay for 1 million kronor don't you think? … Continue reading Kapade Spotify-grundarens identitet

Krafttag krävs mot id-kapning I Sverige

The rapid increase in identity fraud in Sweden is gaining some media attention (http://www.svd.se/opinion/brannpunkt/krafttag-kravs-mot-id-kapning_3767990.svd). However they are missing the point. The solution is not to purely simplify the 'clean-up process, but to change the law. And changing the law is not purely about criminalizing the crime but to enforce an individual's basic fundamental right to … Continue reading Krafttag krävs mot id-kapning I Sverige

Identity Management is DEAD!

It's all about CONTROL.... You CONTROL your identity Organisations CONTROL their identity Countries CONTROL their identity This is the future of 'identity management' or 'IDM' or 'IAM'. Scalability comes from bottom-up, not top-down. You CONTROL what is yours, your identity. Nothing else will work in this highly connected, growing and verbose world that we are … Continue reading Identity Management is DEAD!

Identity Fraud

Seems identity fraud is on the up in the U.S., at least as regards to tax fraud. In 2008 there were 52,000 cases and in 2010 reported were 245,000 cases! However a significant number was due to mistaken flagging of dead projects using social security numbers. Actual known victims of fraud are 56,000, but that … Continue reading Identity Fraud

UK national ID card scheme to be scrapped!

Wow, I love this news that UK'scoalition government will be keeping their promises to "reverse and restrain many of the surveillance systems that have marked its citizens out as the most watched in the world," THINQ.co.uk reports. Plans include scrapping the National Identity Register and ID card, as well as biometric passports, and expanding the … Continue reading UK national ID card scheme to be scrapped!

Getting control of identities in India

Things are really getting hot in India. They are launching a new census in which every person aged over 15 will be photographed and fingerprinted to create a biometric national database. This is all part of the plan to ID every person in the national id scheme. Read more at BBC News.

Being invisible online won’t help!

I was interviewed by The Hindu newspaper last week and this is the resulting article published yesterday 🙂 This is the version with photo.

One month today since Ivy joined us!

You know today is a pretty special day. It is exactly one month since my daughter Ivy checked-out and joined us, pappa and myself in this exciting world. Exciting because it feels today as though we have come over a challenging and most beautiful month and feel a real achievement. We are learning how Ivy … Continue reading One month today since Ivy joined us!

Personal IDs in Sweden

You know it has felt pretty wierd to be a new parent in Sweden. When I am presenting at conferences I often joke that in Sweden not only are babies born with 5 fingers, toes and those vital organs needed to survive but also with a personal number. In fact it is difficult to survive … Continue reading Personal IDs in Sweden