Do you know what a cookie dance is?

Cookie Dance (according to WordPress): Log out, clear browser cache and cookies, restart 🙂

Fake or real?

Well my previous post may be a fake, although it was fun 🙂 We need to be aware that not everything that we find online is genuine. I have another link though that you can check out that is not fake, I don't think 😉 Have fun!

Hacking programmable road signs

Thanks to KC from my MSc gang for this ..... I guess its time the transport authorities improved their security! Many citizens might notice the construction digital road signs on theside of the road while driving, indicating important information suchas road closures or traffic delays.....These digital road signs can be easily compromised..... Just for … Continue reading Hacking programmable road signs

Your iPhone as a wind instrument!

wow for all you musicians or aspiring musicians you just have to check this out for innovation!

Santa arrested!

Can you believe it that in 2008 Father Christmas was arrested and arraigned on a contravention of the UK Data Protection Act, reports The Spoof. Investigators discovered a list of the world's children categorised by who is "naughty" and who is "nice." It appears the list was compiled without the consent of the children. "This … Continue reading Santa arrested!

Hot air and management

The following joke was posted on the BCSWoman forum, which is actually quite funny 🙂 Thanks to this linked site for the fine picture! A man in a hot air balloon realized he was lost. He spotted a woman below and called, “Excuse me, can you help? I promised a friend I would meet him, … Continue reading Hot air and management

The Identity Hero

How about this for fun, learn how much money identity management products can save you 🙂 Although don't take my words literally 😉

The menshed movement down-under

LOL, menshed in Australia (thanks Mark Curphey for opening my eyes on this one :-)). So what about starting up a movement of womensheds? That's what I say 😉