Yes PRISM and Big Brother is “lawful” according to certain authorities….

Great read from Panopticon blog... they provide essential legal insights into issues pertaining to personal privacy. Read about what they have to say here.

TRUST is a currency

The PRISM exposure has presented non-US companies with a dilemma. The drive is into the cloud, but they don't want their information outside of safe EU jurisdiction. According to Forbes it is estimated that the US will lose a lot of $USD as a result. What needs to be clear here is that PRISM is … Continue reading TRUST is a currency

Dilemmas concerning privacy

There's a really fun article written by Daniel Sandström in the Svd Culture section (16 June). SvD is one of the two main Swedish national newspapers. It is in main about the dilemmas we face as 1) a citizen and, 2) consumer. It is about how our selfish choices made in the guise of (2) … Continue reading Dilemmas concerning privacy

NSA leak scandal and Snowden

What a mess with all these emotions flying around on Ed Snowden and his actions. In the one camp are those proclaiming Snowden as a traitor, and in the other extreme camp, he is a hero, a whistleblower! The fact that the US are wire-tapping has been known for years, it's just that the fact … Continue reading NSA leak scandal and Snowden