Security vs. Freedom (A Short Story)

He stood blocking the light from a single window in the small room. It was cold even though the sun was warm outside. The only other person was a woman sat at a steel table; she was frail, almost transparent, tired of resisting, and tired of life. His presence radiated strength as he spoke. “I remember when I … Continue reading Security vs. Freedom (A Short Story)

The Hacker Highschool project

“The Hacker Highschool project is the development of license-free, security and privacy awareness teaching materials and back-end support for teachers of elementary, junior high, and high school students. Today's kids and teens are in a world with major communication and productivity channels open to them and they don't have the knowledge to defend themselves against … Continue reading The Hacker Highschool project

The security aspects of social networking sites

Be aware, that through a variety of easy tricks, attackers can hijack a person's social network account to use as a launching pad for additional attacks against other users, other Web 2.0-based applications, and so on. Social networks can also be incorporated into micro botnets and, by rummaging through a page of misfired direct messages … Continue reading The security aspects of social networking sites

Hacking programmable road signs

Thanks to KC from my MSc gang for this ..... I guess its time the transport authorities improved their security! Many citizens might notice the construction digital road signs on theside of the road while driving, indicating important information suchas road closures or traffic delays.....These digital road signs can be easily compromised..... Just for … Continue reading Hacking programmable road signs

Information Security Survey by Ernest & Young

A nice survey on information security by Ernest and Young - Moving Beyond Compliance.

Keep your house keys in your pocket!

Don't let anyone take a photo of your house keys it is possible to make a copy from them as proven by computer science researchers......"We built our key duplication software system to show people that their keys are not inherently secret," said Stefan Savage, the computer science professor from UC San Diego's Jacobs School of … Continue reading Keep your house keys in your pocket!

Hacker to be extradited to the U.S.

Hacker Gary McKinnon to be extradite to the U.S. His appeal against an extradition order in 2006 has failed.McKinnon claimed “I could scan 65 000 machines in less than nine minutes,” McKinnon said.McKinnon unearthed unprotected computer systems operated by the US army, the navy, the Pentagon and NASA. On every system he hacked, he left … Continue reading Hacker to be extradited to the U.S.

3000 passports gone walkies in Manchester, UK

The three thousand passports and visas were taken from a security van in Manchester as they were being transported to RAF Northolt in order to be delivered to embassies overseas."They can be used by putting in biographical information of your own, not necessarily getting the chip information right, and…you can use them to open up … Continue reading 3000 passports gone walkies in Manchester, UK

Security theatre

Following my visit to INFOSec in April I found an interesting article on what Bruce Schneier talked about when he spoke about security theatre.