RHUL ISG Alumni Reunion Conference next month!

I'll be there, not every day as I will be with my daughter. However I will be speaking on the Wednesday "Identity, Reputation & Privacy in the Organisational Context" 🙂 Looking forward to it and can't wait to meet other alumni. The 3 day programme is here.

RHUL Alumni Reunion Conference 2010

I don't have many speaking engagements this year with a beautiful baby daughter to be distracted with 🙂 One I did have was last week at BCS Guildford in the U.K., that had to be cancelled unfortunately due to my flight being cancelled on preceding day. So my apologies to those that were planning to … Continue reading RHUL Alumni Reunion Conference 2010

Speaking engagement at W-Tech London, 24 June

I've not been very active with speaking engagements this year, however there is one coming up during the last week of June at W-Tech. This is a womens' networking event, mainly for women working in IT. It will be a real pleasure to be speaking here, and I do look forward to meeting all you … Continue reading Speaking engagement at W-Tech London, 24 June

RHUL ISG Alumni Reunion 2008

This week I was at a reunion held at the Royal Holloway University of London (RHUL) for the Information Security Group, and it was so cool! I met a whole load of security professionals over and above those that I had already had the pleasure of studying alongside with on the distance learning programme. I … Continue reading RHUL ISG Alumni Reunion 2008

Security theatre

Following my visit to INFOSec in April I found an interesting article on what Bruce Schneier talked about when he spoke about security theatre.

HP Technology@Work 2008

Hi me again. Just thinking that I hadn't shared with you that I have another speaking engagement lined up in mid-March at the HP Technology@Work 2008 in Barcelona. I will be speaking about Information Security Services Management (ISSM) Reference Model. I hope to see you there if you are lucky enough to be coming!

Software Universe Barcelona

I'm going to be presenting at HP's Software Universe in Barcelona end of November. I will be talking about HP's ISSM framework for Information Security Management. (ISSM stands for Information Security Systems Management.) This is a new concept developed of which I am part of the team in formalizing -just as we did with ITIL … Continue reading Software Universe Barcelona