naughty naughty HQ-bank for falsification of financial statements

  So information security in financial reporting is unnecessary? So you think... I guess you're not following the HQ-Bank saga in Sweden? Well the stars of this saga are going to prison to pay for falsification of financial information. It seems that even the KPMG auditor (Johan Dyrefors) approved 2009 and 2010 accounts. Credit to KPMG that … Continue reading naughty naughty HQ-bank for falsification of financial statements

So when is a digital interaction not a digital interaction?

When the identity and associated roles -that trigger and consume- the digital interaction are not an integral part of the process. This means that participating parties cannot be legally held accountable for their actions. Principle consequence is a lack of absolute traceability in your organisation, and if there is some legal requirements, a need for … Continue reading So when is a digital interaction not a digital interaction?

Accountability and Transparency in the Cloud

Check out this rather interesting project going on A4Cloud. Hewlett-Packard is one of its main sponsors.

The Next Web?

How about this for transparency, it is called Uchaguzi? In Kenya the government have implemented an infrastructure that surfaces everything that is going on in the country. It is the Kenyan citizens that report into this using their social media, e.g. SMS, twitter, email, etc. The interface is simple to understand. It has in red … Continue reading The Next Web?


Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISA) is not aligned with civil and privacy rights of the individual according to privacy advocates such as Electronic Frontier Foundation and Neither Microsoft or Facebook support this bill. Imagine that everything you post on FB to be available for government authorities? Fine if you trust them I … Continue reading CISPA

Your right to transparency -ICO

This video gives a nice and clear description of your right for privacy and transparency as an EU data subject. It's not particularly entertaining but worth hanging in there. The message is important.

EU ePrivacy Directive amendment

A recently passed amendment to the EU Privacy Directive will require Internet users' consent before cookies can be placed on their computers. This is part of a revised ePrivacy Directive that is close to enactment, that includes improvements on security breach, cookies and enforcement. The new provisions will bring vital improvements in the protection of … Continue reading EU ePrivacy Directive amendment