Get to know your plumbing

Another article that I've had published in 2009, although this one is available to all online. Name of the article is Get to know your plumbing: Protecting your organisation from leaking soft information. Enjoy 🙂

schadenfreude online

I watched a film last night that disturbed me enormously, so much that I had a sleepness night. It all roots back to a term that the English seemed to have pinched from the Germans "Schadenfreude". A New York Times article in 2002 cited a number of scientific studies of schadenfreude, which it defined as … Continue reading schadenfreude online

Contextual search results

I just came across this search service, Silobreaker, that is quite interesting, it places into context search results. Silobreaker is an online search service for news and current events that delivers meaning and relevance beyond traditional search and aggregation engines. Its relational analysis and explanatory graphics provide users with unparalleled contextual insight into the news … Continue reading Contextual search results

Do you know what a cookie dance is?

Cookie Dance (according to WordPress): Log out, clear browser cache and cookies, restart 🙂

No barriers to communication….

I really like this posting made by danah boyd on "using Facebook when ill".

Changing parameters of communicatoin in business

You know that I've been studying an MBA? It has got me thinking on a whole load of stuff, things I sort of knew because I've been around, lived and worked in quite a few countries. It is good to see that what I have been thinking about, i.e. the dynamics of how businesses work … Continue reading Changing parameters of communicatoin in business

U.S. vs. Lori Drew MySpace suicide

This case is pretty interesting and sad. It is viewed in legal circles as a landmark in Internet law as it is said to be the first time the federal statute on accessing protected computers has been used in a social-networking case. This is a case of a 49-year-old Missouri woman who is accused of … Continue reading U.S. vs. Lori Drew MySpace suicide

We collectively have the power!

After 8 long years of Bush - a fresh start. Visit the World in Action. People around the world are seizing this historic and hopeful moment to send a flood of global messages to Obama for peace, concern for the climate and for collaboration. The voices of the many have potentially the power to … Continue reading We collectively have the power!

Do you trust your government?

A very interesting article concerning the use of the government as a 'trusted third-party' in private sector transactions, e.g. proving that you are 18 or 18+ online. Vikram Kumar works for New Zealand’s State Services Commission on the All-of-government Authentication Programme. As he puts it, “… that means my working and blog lives intersect….” In … Continue reading Do you trust your government?