naughty naughty HQ-bank for falsification of financial statements

  So information security in financial reporting is unnecessary? So you think... I guess you're not following the HQ-Bank saga in Sweden? Well the stars of this saga are going to prison to pay for falsification of financial information. It seems that even the KPMG auditor (Johan Dyrefors) approved 2009 and 2010 accounts. Credit to KPMG that … Continue reading naughty naughty HQ-bank for falsification of financial statements

Transparency & Traceability in Financial Reporting

How do you get that solid legal thread back to the originating source of your financial reporting when using XBRL? It's all about placing security around the identity? To find out more, I'll be talking about this at XBRL Orlando on Wednesday 11th June. Find out more here...

‘stupid loop’

Do you have any of these in your organisation? Maybe you have become attached to the old practices, and anyhow who wants change really? So what would I define as a 'stupid loop'? It's pretty straightforward, it is when something strange happens to the integrity of the information, after INPUT and before OUTPUT. Effectively integrity … Continue reading ‘stupid loop’

Securing XBRL – the next challenge

I just realised that I forgot to let you know that I co-published an article in the last week. My first publication since 2010... looks like I'm in business again.... Having said that, it is not that I haven't been writing anything.. there's this blog, and my MBA (that I finished January 2013). Although I … Continue reading Securing XBRL – the next challenge