Who are we?

We are subject matter experts in privacy and data protection. Some of us are legal guys, and some are cybersecurity, and even technology geeks, and privacy advocates. What we all have in common is that we are passionate about privacy as a human right.

Karen Lawrence Öqvist

Privacy/GDPR Practitioner

Industry expert in privacy/data protection and cybersecurity.

Created the blog in 2007. Authored 2 books on privacy and data protection. Lives and breaths data protection since 2015.


Konstantin Tiazhelnikov

Data protection advisor

Pathological enthusiast of complex projects with multiple “grey zones”, ensurer of a fresh look at old data protection issues.


James Casey, Esq., CPP

Attorney, Privacy Practitioner, CUNY Adjunct Associate Professor

Passionate about the intersection of privacy, science, and law. Enjoys writing and teaching in addition to legal and consulting activities. Plays guitar in spare time.


Annick O’Brien

Privacy Counsel

Legal nerd. Crazy about privacy. Works mainly in  security and technology. Special interest cameras!


Serdar Temiz

Lecturer, researcher, consultant

A #DrZero (when he does standup and story telling) at night time. A concerned citizen for privacy all the time.


Tari Schreider

Cybersecurity Strategist, Instructor & Author

Industry expert in cybersecurity & risk management.

He is author of Building an Effective Cybersecurity Program and Cybersecurity Law, Standards and Regulations book and holds a patent in Risk Management and is a co-author of the US patent for Method for Analyzing Risk.


Ralph T O’Brien

Lecturer, researcher, Privacy and Security evangelist

I enjoy passing on my passion for privacy by translating often complicated legal concepts, into sustainable business processes.


Sonia Intonti

Privacy & Data Protection Legal Consultant | Associate at ICT Legal Consulting | Content Contributor at CyberLaws

Excited about everything, but mostly about nature, books, and privacy. Enjoys intersections between science, culture and law and writes about it. Runs.


Tim Clements

Privacy Program Management Consultant

Guiding privacy leaders develop their Privacy Strategy & Roadmap aligned with business purpose and business goals.